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What do people want in a water cooler?

The most common complaint is that water coolers are not cold enough. Typically water coolers aim to cool their water to 50°F. Most manufacturers feel this is cold enough, and they don't want to go colder because they then use a lot of energy. However, 50°F is far warmer than fridge temperature, which is approximately 41°F. Fridge temperature is what people are used to drinking, so we think this is the optimum temperature to keep our water at. As for energy use, we use a different cooling technology that uses ice to keep the water cold. This keeps the water very cold, and uses less energy.

Combining the most advanced technology with all top end components.

Self Cleaning, Maximum Stainless, Graceful lines, Maximum Cold and Hot outputs.

The truly premium water cooler brand. At an affordable price. Why settle for an unnattractive cooler, with poor performance.


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