Here at Glacial, we focus on core competencies, as well as delivering an attractive product with premium features.

Many water coolers do not make water that is cold enough. This is especially noticeable in very hot weather, or if many people use the water cooler at once. We use exceptional cooling technology to deliver extremely cold water. We believe our customers expect their water cooler to reliably produce very cold water in whatever quantity is needed. 

Our water coolers bring together the latest patented and patent pending technologies to produce the coldest water as well as the hottest average water temperature with many of our models. 

They are produced to commercial grade standards, so are perfect for large office or warehouse environments, where they can reliably produce large volumes of cold and hot water for many years of aggressive use.

Most of our products have premium features, such as coffee making, hybrid fridges and self cleaning.

Apart from technology, our focus has been on developing as attractive a water cooler as possible. We have full stainless steel & nickel plated units, wood grain simulated water coolers, as well as using a incredible amount of stainless steel on most our coolers.

Feel free to give our products a try, you will not be disappointed